St Pete: A Pin-worthy Paradise for Bottlenose Dolphins

Our Gulf Beaches in St. Pete and surrounding Tampa Bay area of Florida are home to over 250 local bottlenose dolphins along with more just passing through. The dolphins are frequently entertaining the locals and visitors alike with their sporty water acrobatics.

Just beyond our Downtown St. Pete docks, you may spot some frolicking bottlenose dolphins. A sure way to experience these wonderful creatures in the wild is aboard our JP Cat catamaran cruise! Our captains know all the perfect locations to sail for a glimpse of these majestic sea mammals. Check out our schedule online for a day or sunset cruise or call (727) 310-7883 for more information.

Our warm waters in Tampa Bay provide the perfect home for these dolphins. They are easiest to spot in the early morning or sunset hours when the sun reflects off their skin. Which is why our Sunset catamaran tour is a must-go!

Most adult bottlenose dolphins are around 5 feet in length and usually gray or brownish-gray. You are almost guaranteed to see more than one, as they tend to play in groups or what is known as pods of 3 or 4 dolphins. You can check out our gallery on Facebook and see some of these delightful creatures gliding through the water in their natural habitat.

Choose Your Cruise

The JP Cat cruises out of St Pete daily with a 2-hour day and sunset cruises. We also have options to book a private party with all your friends or co-workers. Do you want to come cruise with us during the day in our sunning nets while cutting through the waters on the Gulf of Mexico Or do you want to relax on deck while watching the beautiful sunset highlighted by the amazing St. Pete skyline as you enjoy some delicious bubbly? You choose how you want to cruise!

Sailing with JP Cat

The JP Cat has a bar onboard serving beer, wine, or sangria for passengers ages 21 and older. Non-alcoholic beverages are included with every tour package.

This is a great little getaway for all ages to explore the St. Pete and Tampa Bay waters. Are you ready to take to the waters of Tampa Bay? The bottlenose dolphins are ready for you so be sure to bring your camera! If you have any other questions, check our FAQ’s.

What are you waiting for?

Anyone visiting the Tampa Bay Area should seize the opportunity to view these extraordinary sea mammals by booking your cruise with JP Cat. Even Tampa Bay and St Pete natives will enjoy the view of these local animals we share our Gulf coast waters with. We promise many Pinterest and Instagram worthy moments!