All About Our Catamaran

The Catamaran origins stem back to fishing communities in the Polynesian islands.  This multi-hulled boat has twin hulls in parallel, joined by a structure.  The design of a catamaran makes for a smooth and comfortable experience on the water.  This is especially important for those who are prone to motion sickness.   

Many of us dream of sailing off into the sunset, and when you cruise on the JP Cat, you can.  Encounter our Tampa Bay and St Pete splendor from a new perspective as you float along the waves on our sunset catamaran cruise. 

Boat Tour Experience 

You haven’t experienced anything like the 52 ft spacious deck on the JP Cat.  Our vessel is strong yet lightweight and you can enjoy the stability and comfort as we cruise because of its ability to sail flat.  Our state-of-the-art cat sunning nets will make you feel like you are riding a magic carpet over the bay, add in our onboard bar, and you’ve got the ultimate all-day experience. 

Our Gulf Beaches in St. Pete and surrounding Tampa Bay area of Florida are home to over 250 local bottlenose dolphins along with more just passing through. Entertainment for the locals and visitors alike are our local bottlenose dolphins with their sporty water acrobatics. 

See Dolphins and Local Scenery 

Just beyond our Downtown St. Pete docks, you may spot some frolicking bottlenose dolphins. A sure way to experience these wonderful creatures in the wild is aboard our JP Cat catamaran cruise! Our captains know all the perfect locations to sail for a glimpse of these majestic sea mammals. Check out our schedule online for a day or sunset cruise or call (727) 310-7883 for more information. 

Our warm waters in Tampa Bay provide the perfect home for these dolphins. They are easiest to spot in the early morning or sunset hours when the sun reflects off their skin. Which is why our Sunset catamaran tour is a must-go!  

Cruise Choices 

A must fit into your vacation or staycation schedule is a cruise on the bay on the JP Cat!  We offer a variety of cruise times and experiences.  Take a peek and choose to cruise how you like:


– The waters of Tampa Bay enjoyment for 2 hours of dolphin watching, witness the new pier progress and gaze at the ever-changing St. Pete skyline. Non-alcoholic beverages included in the tour. Plus, our onboard bar is second to none; grab a beer, wine, or sangria while we sail!

Length: 2 hours 


Watch the beautiful Sunset highlighted by the amazing St. Pete skyline as you enjoy some delicious bubbly! Non-alcoholic beverages also included on the tour. 

Length: 2 hours 


Host the perfect  Bachelor(ette) party or wedding weekend in Tampa Bay on the JP Cat. Or, a floating birthday bash. Even grab your coworkers for a day out of the office. Selecting our downtown St. Pete catamaran for your private event will make for a good time! 

A Unique Thing to Do in Tampa Bay 

Anyone visiting the Tampa Bay Area should seize the opportunity to view some extraordinary sea and air life by booking your cruise with JP Cat. Even Tampa Bay and St Pete natives will enjoy the view of these local animals we share our Gulf coast waters with. We promise many Pinterest and Instagram worthy moments! 

Ready to experience a smooth ride on our expansive deck area on the JP Catamaran in the Tampa Bay, Florida area? Dial us up at  (727) 310-7883 to learn more about one of our day or sunset cruises. Or, check us out online to book your next adventure !