What to Expect on Our Catamaran

If you’ve never been on a St. Pete catamaran before, you’re in for a treat once you come aboard the JP Cat! Simply put, it’s a true sailing experience and a must-do while you’re visiting beautiful St. Petersburg and the beaches on the west coast of Florida. Here’s what you can expect while on this fantastic journey on our catamaran tour:

Where We Sail…

The JP Cat heads out from downtown St. Petersburg and our catamaran sails into Tampa Bay, where our guests can enjoy the St. Pete skyline and look for dolphins! With our St. Petersburg boat tour, you’ll see some of the best views in Tampa Bay. Not that we’re biased

While on Deck…

For most, the deck of a catamaran is where you want to be. This is where you will see dolphin swimming at the hull, flying fish crossing the bow and an up-close view of the abundant sea life below.

Our 52-ft long, 28-ft wide, state of the art vessel has plenty of shaded coverage and lots of room to roam (especially if you’re making your way to the beer and wine bar!). Of course, if you’d rather just sit, back, and relax, that’s fine too!

Enjoy the sunning nets at the front or one of the benches towards the back. The JP Cat is fun for all ages and built for exploration, so make yourself at home on our St. Pete catamaran!

Below the Deck…

The top of the deck and in the water is clearly where the action is, but sometimes you may want to take a break (and that’s okay!). If that happens, head down to the cabin. Just like the top deck, it’s built for comfort so kick back and relax.

What about Motion Sickness…?

If you’re prone to motion sickness, catamarans are going to be your best option for boating. Thanks to the double hull, they are built for stability and speed, meaning we can go faster with minimal rocking.

Our capable and experienced crew will also do their best to ensure a smooth ride without a lot of disruption. All that being said, we’re well aware that “bucket” moments may still happen. If you get sick, remember (like seriously okay): it’s better to stay on top of the deck rather than below. But, we have 2 heads-bathrooms-on board JIC.

It’s always a good idea to prevent motion sickness before it starts, so talk to your doctor before you come aboard or consider taking an over the counter medication such as Dramamine.

Are you ready to experience the ultimate boat tour in Tampa? Set sail on the JP Cat out of St. Pete, FL and enjoy what Tampa Bay has to offer. Perfect for all ages; we offer day sightseeing cruises, private party rentals, and champagne sunset cruises. For more information or to check availability, please call our St. Pete catamaran today at (727) 310-7883.